Anne Frank in Hell?

Anne Frank Newspaper article

Oh and Ghandi, Einstien and a millions of Jews Executed by Hitler in WW2. For those who don’t know or can’t be bothered opening Wikipedia, Anne Frank was a young 15 yr old Jewish Girl who was captured in WW2 and died in a concentration camp. Later her diary was found and is the subject of many books and stories since.

I Came across this little highlighted Opinion panel in my local paper some months ago. You can download the image but here is the “opinion” from 1 reader.

Nabil Zakhary reminds us all of the virtues in people such as Ghandi, and the similarity of some of his wisdom to the alleged wisdom of Jesus in his sermon on the mount.

It’s interesting that Ghandi was assassinated in 1948. As a non-Christian, by the teachings of Jesus he is now in hell.

Ghandi would find himself in good company. Anne Frank who died in a Nazi concentration camp in 1945 would have gone literally from one hell direct to another, also for eternity, as would Abraham Lincoln, who singe handedly abolished Bible inspired slavery, and Benjamin Franklin, Einstein, Darwin, etc. These are more examples of Mr Zachary’s personal God’s expressions of love and tolerance.

If this is Jesus’ only way to God, it’s time we abandoned this path and looked for another direction. – R Smith, Blacktown

There are many things about this little article which annoy me and saddened me, I want to focus just on a couple which I think will be beneficial to the church.

  1. Unlike this reader, we cannot pick a name from history of someone who died, whether it was 2000 years ago or yesterday and say “They are in Hell”. We just don’t know, we don’t know there thoughts before they died or if God had reached them with the Gospel. It is the beauty of the Christian Faith, in that you can be saved seconds before you die, because Jesus has done all the work needed to forgive your sins and get you into heaven, you just need to repent and believe on Christ. As Christians, when someone dies, despite the circumstances, we should have hope that our merciful God saved another sinner.
  2. The fellow who wrote this is obviously aquanted with scripture and is most likely a bitter backslider(a false convert) or at least has had the modern Gospel of God’s ‘love and tolerance’ preached to him by Christians. He is the result of a generation of Christians who don’t preach the law to bring about the knowledge of sin, that our sin is against a infinitely perfect and Holy God making our offence as equally evil. A generation who doesn’t understand that God IS angry with Holy indignation towards sinners and will pour out His cup of wrath in just judgement on all who have sinned and don’t believe the gospel. This generation of Christians preaches a Gospel lacking of repentance, we are told “God love’s you the way you are” then we find out God will send you to hell even though he is tolerant of your lifestyle? No wonder this guy is confused, frustrated and angry towards Christianity. Grace & Mercy makes no sense without a need for it.

Unfortunately, like many in the world today, this reader is also a product of Post-modernism and scale based ideas of justice. Truth is not important to these people because they have been told to find a path ‘they like’ which fits their world view. Anything goes if your good person by my standard, the good outweighs the bad.

Is Anne Frank in hell? I don’t know, I hope for her sake she is not. But I will say this, she could be.

Hebrews 9 :27 – And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.

How will you be judged? Find out


~ by truthwar on December 19, 2007.

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  1. Theist logic: Hitler burns Anne Frank for a day, and it’s evil. God burns Anne Frank for eternity, and it’s just. Such is the logic, tolerance, and beauty of Christianity.

    The very dogma is defunct. In this dayand age, only the most mindless,unthinking, medeval, and credulous mindslave perceives this christian doctrine as a good and righteous thing.

    But, perhaps what’s most disturbing, most distatseful of allis the way believers will justify and color this obscenity: “Oh..thats the good part of Xtianity. Ya can be saved at the last second, even if you’re a mass murdering piece of human crap….ain’t that great?? Hey, maybe Anne Frank, an innocent, devout, and life long Jew came to her senses and left her erroneous and false belief for OUR equally erroneous and false superstition.If she didn’t she’s BBQ. Hey, thats the way the eucharest crumbles.”

    Ignornant sheep.

    • How could you say that you deceiving “salope haineux”,why would sweet innocent little Anne frank go to hell. She is more a victim than hitler ever will be. Why would god put Anne frank in hell it doesn’t matter what religion you despicable cow. I hope you go to hell with Hitler and while your at give hima blow job.


      • Actually…
        Anne Frank was Jewish, meaning that she wasn’t Christian. According to the Christian Bible, therefore, Anne Frank would have gone to Hell. So, you see, Dromedaryhump1 was actually quite right in his/her comment. Keep in mind, Anne Frank was willing to die for her beliefs. Why should she convert before she died?

    • I think rather or not Anne Frank is in Heaven or Hell is of course a very disturbing question for most Christians. If you are one who happens to beleive that the Bible is the infallible word of God then you can’t argue with the fact the even the thief on the cross was saved in a split second before he died and went straight to Paradise. Jesus himself said No One comes to the Father except through me. I would like to think that through their 2 year hiding period, that somehow the Gospel of salvation was shared with them all. Something none of us will ever know until we get to Heaven ourselves.

  2. Thanks for your comment. If you understand true Christian theology then you understand that God is described as being the epitome of perfection and holiness. When his creation violates his standard imparted to us through the 10 commandments, we see that our offence is infinite because it is against in infinite God, therefore the punishment fits the crime. God sets the standard for what is right and wrong and how an what is Just. Even if his Justice or morality was illogic and capricious, who are we – his creation to question anything he would do, that would be illogic.

    If your willing to look at Christianity from a studied, reasonable and logical viewpoint then it’s not hard to see how it all works and is even reasonable. But unfortunately many want to take an uninformed and subjective viewpoint to Christianity, lest that would have to submit themselves to it. Unfortunately the Christianity often presented to the world is illogical because it lacks God’s holiness, His Standard and expectations.

    • You are a fucking idiot. You and all your family will one day die, and that will be it. No heaven, no afterlife–not a goddamn thing to show for you pathetic, self righteous, foolishly ignorant lives. Enjoy what remains of your time on earth, fucktards.

  3. I’m sorry… you said: “…look at Christianity from a studied, reasonable and logical viewpoint…etc.” ??

    Martin Luther said it best: “To be a Christian one must pluckout the eye of reason.” To even invoke the words “logical” and “reasonable” in dscussion of theocratic dogma is inane, doubley so when speaking of christianity.

    That you infer anne frank somehow violated the ten commandments,is likewise a refelction of your inane thought process, and bizarre abilty to reinterpret the commandments to infer “dead jew worship or else”. That you proffer a meaningless platitude about how chrisianity is presented / lacking god’s holiness/standard and expectations (etal), infers you’ve spent an inordinate amount of time in apologetic babble / double talk.

    Save it for those who have surrendered their ability to discern logic from devotion to blind belief, just from injust, reality from superstition. To Thinking people, your evasionary tact here, and apologetic speak , is simply confirmation of your religion’s obscene dogma

  4. I will speak simple then because i am simple. If you have told 1 Lie you are a liar and have broken the 9th commandment. If you have every stolen anything despite value then you are a thief and have broken the 8th commandment. Jesus says whoever looks with lust(sexual desire) towards someone they aren’t married – they have committed adultery of the heart. If you have ever taken Gods name lightly or used it as a swear word then you have broken the 3rd commandment. If you have desired something that was not yours then you have coveted and broken the 10th.

    God knows all our sin, we each have a multitude of them and they will be revealed on the day of judgment. I can only plead with your conscience to relise the position you are in before God your creator. He is just and he is the definition of justice, He will not adhere to what we may say is right or just for he is righteousness and justice. Please relise your sin and relise God will have his day of wrath. But he is rich in mercy but you must be willing to humble yourself before him before you can know that mercy.

    God bless

    • Once again, you’re a fucking idiot. Your body will turn to dust, and you’ll be forgotten for everything except the worthless piece of shit you always were. But, hey, by all means, continue to read that bible and pray your pious, useless prayers before every meal, and before bed. It’s good that you can derive pleasure from something other than being a raging asshole to good people. BTW, thanks for admitting you’re simple. But, hey, we knew that all along, moron.

  5. truthwar said: “… i am simple.”

    well, we can agree on that at least.

  6. albeit, the term religiously fanatic and utterly vapid would be more accurate.

  7. For us simpletons ; I am irrationally and extremely enthusiastically devoted to a religious idea and apparently at the same time, lifeless, dull, flavourless, spiritless.

    That’s an accomplishment.

    I’m almost some type of living oxymoron, a ‘fanatic-vapid’, oh lets not forget to emphasize the ‘moron’ bit, remember good insults win arguments.

  8. Who are we to QUESTION our MAKER, with the contempt you have for Christianity, you not only fall into the same pot as Hitler, but your claims that being Christian commits one to being the” most mindless,unthinking, medieval, and credulous mindslave ” is just another standard “progressive” way of thinking. Its nothing new, its nothing we haven’t heard before. To be honest it started in the garden of Eden when Satan told Eve to eat the apple to be knowledgeable ‘like God’. Humans at that moment decided to dictate how God should be. It isn’t our decision to decide HOW GOD SHOULD BE! he is what he is!

    God made you, he made us all, he sent his son out of LOVE to die for us, because sin has turned mankind into unsanctified, rebellious people who fall under grips of SATAN while we defile our God with hatefullness towards others. The only mindless person here is you because if you had taken the time to actually read the bible you would see that THROUGH CHRIST AND GODS GRACE WE ARE SAVED! yes saved!!!!! You have a choice go to heaven-eternal life, or go to hell, where you will be burned up and done away with like all the other people who chose hate instead of love. God is love. I am saved because Jesus loves me. I will pray even extra hard for you. Repent and go forth in peace.

  9. last post is directed to dromedaryhump

  10. It doesn’t matter how you dress it up, or try and explain it, if you believe, or feel, or think that ETERNAL suffering is just reward for a limited lifetime of sin, then you are just plain wrong.
    It is absurd.
    Regarding Anne Frank and hell truthwar said “But i will say this, she could be.” and used Hebrews 9:27 as reference.
    It’s not just. It’s not love. It is not.
    Truthwar said “if you have told 1 Lie you are a liar and have broken the 9th commandment.” and because Yahweh is so perfect, that 1 lie is sufficient for ETERNAL suffering.
    It’s twisted. And it stinks of Ray Comfort.

  11. What did Anne (or Einstein, for that matter) do to go to hell?

    Abraham Lincoln waa assasinated. NOT HIS FAULT! He looked after America, he didn’t neccesarily send them to gas chambers.

    Anne Frank. YOU ARE KIDDING ME. What did she do to deserve it? What did she do wrong? In Christian Religion, dying for your religion would be honorable. Anne Frank did just that. She wrote a diary. WOW. She had secret wishes, and she made some sins. SO WHAT? She was very young! She could have made up for those mistakes much later in her life.

    SOMEBODY PLEASE EXPLAIN how you should know she is in hell.
    Have you ever BEEN there? Cut the girl some slack.

  12. Anne Frank should be in hell

  13. When the disciples asked Jesus what will happen with another of them (after death), Jesus answered “take care of your soul, and don’t try to judge the others”, of course with different words..
    Jesus teached us to do not pay attention to the religions…just love God, and love the people…

  14. I am quite tired of tracts, sermons, etc., that put EVERYBODY in hellfire & for all eternity, save a literal handful. In fact, I find the Bible riddled with contradictions and confusion.(Such as not being clear about consciousness continuing after physical death, or whether Jesus was his own father !)

  15. It says that when you die you go to Sheol, the place of the dead. A person that dies and goes to Sheol, who has accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, goes there and his/her spirit is at rest. This person’s soul is at the moment “with the Lord” because God gives them peace and the beginnings of the ecstasies of heaven. The person who never does except the Son of God, however, goes to Sheol with a spirit of anguish and sarrows- of which are the precursors to hell and the purification process of the eternal seperation from God altogether. As to whether or not Jesus was God is the fact that God is infinite and inexhaustible and can do all things. It is therefore quite infallible to believe while He is on the earth in the flesh, the same time He is in the heavenly demensions while in His preincarnate spirit being. This is easy to comprehend when you have already come to the realization that “With God all things are possible.” -Matt 19:26

  16. I made my point well…

  17. Thank you and good bye.

  18. If Anne never came to the realization of her “Suffering Savior” then she is most likely with the Lord in Sheol on her way to heaven because she is a decendant of Abraham who God loved and promised many blessings. The fact that she died so young and didn’t get the chance to live as long as most of us and therefore never got the chance to make many choices throughout the duration of a long life just makes that possiblity even more plausible where the very merciful Lord is conscerned.

  19. fuck all you racist goddamn bitches. open your motherfucking eyes and take a look. Anne Frank was a sweet loving senstive girl who loved god. The guy who wrote or anyone who says or anyone who fucking agrees to your goddamn bullshit anoymus will fucking die and burn in hell you motherfuckers. Fuck all of yall because if you whould get pussie out your motherfucking ears you whould be able to understand that anne did not deserve what that motherfucking homosexual hitler did to her. so anne is in heaven u fucking morons. hitler is in hell and Anoymus youll shortly be joining him. rip Anne Frank(There is a heaven for a jew!)

  20. you cannot say that anne frank is in hell because only God knows where she is now. what if she is in heaven with God? and she cannot be in hell because she was jewish and only God can judge her but not you because you are not God almighty.

  21. anyone and i mean anyone who says anne frank should be in hell i hope you burn and suffer for so fucking long.

  22. oh and by the way truthwar or whatever your fucking name is go to hell and burn you motherfucker. I cannot for the live of me understand what kind of sick twisted human being whould bring up or even think about if anne frank is in hell ,which of fucking course she is not,you stupid motherfuckers! fuck you and die you mother fucking dromerdump and thump for you will burn in hell for so fucking long! Anne Frank Rest in PEACE!

  23. GOD is LOVE, he can not send anyone to the hell … but if we refuse GOD in our lives then we create our hell by ourselfes … when we refuse to saty in light of GOD then we select to stay in the eternal darkness … Jesus never ever said that he will send anyone to the hell, aslo, in the old testament GOD never said that too…. if we study the holly bible we will understand this point.

  24. don’t used GOD to judge ANNE FRANK…

    shame on yourself, hitlers!

  25. There are so many different religions in the world.You’re all branches of the same tree.The whole’God/Allah/other’ thing. Please, be tolerant. I can’t stand people who force their views on others. Anne Frank was of another religion, so she will have her own standards. Gandhi was another religion. Live with it. If they don’t want your religion, thats it. Curtains. Fine.

    Live happy, go to heaven, find your enlightenment, etc.


  26. OMG!!!! like why are we like disscusin if shes like in hell? like its her fault…n who cares? what if there like turns like not to be like no god like. not that im saying like theres no god coz like i do believe in god but like this is so weird…

  27. come ON dudes, you are like soooooooooooooooooooo touchy. religion’s are religions, people can believe in whatever the hell they want to believe in, and noone should give a bloody damn. and yeah, those mates of mine ^^azie and rose^^ are just weird. live for god’s sake!! just do whatever the hell you want to do!


    end of.

    a jew =]

  28. come on!! are you people just too SCARED to reply?!?!?! You people need to really think about your side of the argument.
    We can believe in whoever we want to believe in.
    whether it’s God, Allah, Superman, Tyler, Blondie… *sigh*
    Anyway, you catch our drift.
    thanks dudes.

    rose, azie, dudette and *new member!* chocolate

  29. Look you people everybody has different beliefs and different thoughts. Get over it. Just because they don’t belive what you believe DOESN’T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO SAY THEY SHOULD BE IN HELL! End of story!!!

    Find Your Place and Enlightenment to go with It

    • I AGREE!!!! Also, just because people don’t think the way you do or look like you or have the same skin color doesn’t mean they are any better/worst than you!!! WE ALL ARE HUMAN BEINGS FOR PETE’S SAKE!!!


      just look at some of the people that are autistic… they can be amazing with numbers… better than you and me… but still don’t have all the things we could have or are not lucky enough to see the way we see the world!!!


  30. I will make no attempt to explain to you why your statement was so ghastly because you obviously a) don’t care, and b) are so damned narcissistic you think you know better.


    You quote the Old Testament. Silly Christian! You, who claim to know that the New Testament changed things – goes and quotes the OLD Testament! You can’t have it both ways! Either you believe in the NT (which by definition enters mankind into a new “covenant” with God), or you believe in the OT (in which case grab your menorah and put away the Christmas tree!)

    So…do you believe in the NEW contract, or OLD contract. If you believe in the new one, stop quoting the old one. That contract is null, void, and any court of law would agree with me on this.

    You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth.

    On one hand, you say it’s “sad” that people would say Anne Frank went to hell, on the other you’re saying it’s possible she did.

    So according to your logic – let’s look at this. She was imprisoned by Nazis for the last two years of her life. Most likely no-one preached the Gospel to her. Before that she was a devout Jew.

    So what you’re saying is this: IF she “repented” for her “sins” and converted to Christianity at the last minute – certainly she was saved! (Oh, her Christian captors? I’m sure they’re fine so let’s not worry about their fates!)

    But you also say if she was NOT saved, then she went to Hell.

    At the beginning of your article you say that nobody can say definitely whether or not another went to Hell because we can’t know what was in their hearts at the time of death.

    So…if we DID know and we did, in fact know that Anne Frank did NOT convert at the last minute…

    Then by YOUR logic, we would know she was in Hell.

    According to you, God is omnipotent and we cannot know his actions. Yet you just said that you know what his actions were.

    I’m tempted to use a lot of curse words when talking to ignorant redneck trash like you, but I will not.

    …unlike you, God didn’t give me an express line to all of His decisions…

    He did give me the brains enough to feel sorry for people who are intellectually inferior to me, though.

  31. Wow…I didn’t have to get far in the comments before you did it AGAIN.


    If there is a day of Judgment (as you claim), then NOBODY can be in Hell yet because NOBODY has been judged yet.

    If there is NOT a day of judgment, then there CAN be people in Hell.

    So which is it? Does this person have to worry about the Day of Judgment or right now?

    And are you seriously walking us through the Ten Commandments as if each and every one of us hasn’t heard them time after time?

    Have YOU ever stolen anything? Then you’re a sinner. So wait – a Jew who steals something and is contrite isn’t saved because s/he isn’t a Christian.

    A CHRISTIAN who steals is saved even if their only reasoning for being saved is, “I’m saved” with no genuine contrition on their part?

    Oh, let’s take it a step further!

    Christian rapes Muslim.

    Christian runs to confessional, and he may or may not mean what he says to the priest (or he could just say to himself, “I’m Christian if I confess I’m cool and don’t have to suffer consequences!”).

    Muslim prays to Allah to guide her through this.

    So according to your reasoning – the Christian goes to Heaven despite the fact that he has victimized another human being and the Muslim goes to Hell because she’s not a Christian?

    You know what?

    Don’t even answer that fucking question, you’re an ignorant fucking tool and yeah I agree with other posters, “simple” is a good way to put it. Actually, I’d go as far as say the other posters were being KIND when they regarded you as simple.

    Newsflash: People are held responsible for their actions. That includes YOU. And this bit of torture you are inflicting on ANYONE who has ever suffered ANY kind of religious persecution (particularly for NOT being Christian) goes against what Christ taught and is disgusting.

    Stop hiding behind your “religious” beliefs that have nothing to do with your actual faith.

    Call your hate what it is: Insidious, abusive, narcissistic, arrogant HATE.

    –One angry pissed of Muslim

  32. woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    im a muslim 2222
    u hav a point carson
    whoeva u r

  33. Carson has the right idea. We think that this whole site is for the people who think they know everything.EVERTHING.NEWSFLASH:YOU DON’T. So if you still have such forced views, you may want to rethink it.

    Azie and Rock. Who’s with us?

  34. im with uuuu
    im also looking at uuuhjkl

  35. oooooooooh carson…
    I love you more than life could ever know…
    you are my one and only true love…
    this may be my last chance to tell you how I truly feel…
    please, be tolerant…
    don’t break my heart
    marry me?!?!

  36. errrr
    we got married ;last summer
    wtf u doin askin ‘carson’ 2 marry u???

  37. right
    carson ignore the comment form Lmaoo!!
    shes a bit…weird.
    and secondly

  38. =]

  39. y isnt anyone replyinnn
    n jus to add a new topic of convo…
    who hates diana vickers from x factor??
    we just want to chop her bloody hands off.

  40. Carson. & everyone else

    Thanks for your input, please refrain from swearing on this board.

    Firstly to ask a question not seeking a response is called a statement. And doesn’t really further discussion. But ill answer your statement none the less 🙂

    Firstly, The bible teachs that when a person is saved they will enivtably begin to live a life consistent with the teaching of Christ, growing towards Christ-likeness. They will inherintly have an attitude of hatred toward sin and a love for righteousness.

    A ‘Christian’ may stumble into sin, but be repentent. But a Christian does not dive into a lifestyle of gross sin. If a person conitunes to love sin and not live in repentence he most likly isn’t a Christian who has been transformed by Christ into a new creation. People do horrible things in the name of Christ, that doesn’t mean they are true followers of Christ or repersent him.

    Secondly. Judgment Day is to come. But there is an immediant judgment of all men when they die. God knows there life and there destination. The bible teachs that HELL (the lake of fire) and Heaven (The new Heavens and the New earth) are things to COME at the end of time. But NOW there is PARADISE and HADES, places which are temporary. Revelation says that at the end HADES will be thrown into the LAKE OF FIRE, this is the second and final eternal state of death for man.

    Thirdly – The main issue it seems is still that most people make a judgment about their eternal destination or the destination of another based on the good they see in themselves. Or they because they have had a horrible time now, it should only get better because i am good and deserve better than this.

    Yet if we compare ourselves to God’s standard of goodness we find that ‘all men fall short of the glory of God’ despite what they think, they have only earnt judgment not reward. We tell lies, we steal, we don’t always honor our parents, we don;t always love God, we hate which is murder in the heart, we lust which is adultery of the heart.

    We will be judged because of our sin. Not because we didn’t convert to a religion. How much someone hears the Gospel or if they heard it. That is upto God, for the Gospel is God’s mercy and grace, things which are undeserved, things he gives as his pleases, no one earns his mercy or grace, no one person deserves it more than another. We only deserve death for sin. The soul that sins its shall die.

    Yet Christians believes Jesus, the Son of God, came and lived perfectly and died the death we should. He death and resurrection proved that God demanded justice and that Justice was paid. God see’s the righteousness and the payment of Christ when he sees my life now because i trust in Jesus. To go on sinning would be an insult to the God who died for me.

    God commands every man and woman to repent (turn) from his sin and turn to God. To put his faith in the saving work of Christ on the cross. To trust in Jesus resurrection as Gods satisfaction for the payment of sin. Forgiveness is available in Jesus Christ.

    This is the Good News of the Kingdom of God, you can be saved from Hell and receive eternal life with God in heaven. Don’t put it off, don’t discount or mock Gods mercy toward you. You may not have another chance.

    • You’re a fucking idiot. Don’t like swearing? Who gives a shit. A great many people don’t like your self-righteous, judgmental comments. Oh, and since there is no god, your bible is equally worthless, Fuckhead.

  41. This topic is now closed. Thanks for your input.

  42. […] has gifted us with such a high and mighty gift of self-righteous Discernmentalism that we are able to presume a person’s Eternal Destiny. Hitler was not only a True Truth Warrior just like John MacArthur is but he is also a True man […]

  43. Comments reopened, go for it!

    • Hey thanks, truthwar ! So kind of you to let us tell you to suck our dicks again! So, you may go back to eating your own shit.

  44. all u haters all out there shut the fuck up ok..cuz anne frank was a brave 15th yrs old n she continued a bad life so day i would like to c the samething happens to yall haters out there

  45. i would love to c that my eyes would be so much happier

  46. There is no hell. There is no heaven. There is no God. Give it up, die alone.

    • in this statement, don’t you see that there is nothing to have joy for? there has to be something in this world that has meaning and purpose, doesn’t it? life doesn’t have to be this way where we just live our lives and die and that’s it. that can’t be, there has to be something more! there is. have you ever read/watched the chronicles of narnia? the same man who wrote those books (cs lewis) wrote Mere Christianity; it is a look at christianity through the view of being a former atheist. if nothing, read it for a different view. bless you.

  47. What a lot of anger displayed in this track, albeit a few years ago. Everyone’s arguing about theology, god’s commandments, Anne Frank? Has anyone considered that God may have been man made, a deity created to keep civilization in check? Perhaps. that Jesus was a prophet on this earth with a message of hope and a few rules of understanding to offer the weak and complex nature that besets us as human beings a chance? It’s the same message found in all religion, no matter whose word, Buddha, Mohammed, etc. People need leadership as anyone can see from the many examples of “flock” behavior. This is not a bad thing, nothing terrible about gathering on a day of rest to support each other, to remind each other of our commitment to humanism and mutual respect. Heaven & Hell? Excellent examples of the psychological complexity we use to reward and threaten each other into submissive behavior. We all know theology has been usurped by malevolent types that have manipulated weaker ones for personal gain, for greed, and to control. My father was a devout Catholic, but a difficult man. He had a lot of good advice though, and often said to his brood of kids “is there anything in these ten commandments that you can’t live with?”. He had a point, and whether those ten commandments, or Martin Luther King’s tremendous speech, we as a people of this earth need to act on these examples of goodness, which require strength. We’re an ugly, weak lot as a species. It takes courage to be selfless, to assist others, to be less involved with our own needs so that we can look out for others. Don’t be part of the problem if you can help it. If God is important to you so be it, but do look at the judgements set out on everyone else while you’re at it. It can’t be both ways…

  48. It is so good to know that there are still a few wise people like yourself (1) who understand God’s justice and anger (2) and are ready to express his judgement (3) in clear terms (4). Did you ever wonder why the only people Jesus ever accused and condemned were the religious leaders who thought they had understood that the answers were in their rituals and standards?
    (1) 1 Cor 1.27 but God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise […] so that no one may boast before him
    (2) Jas 5.11 The Lord is full of compassion and mercy
    (3) Ex 33.19 I will have mercy on whom I have mercy and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion, but you cannot see my face for no one may see me and live.
    (4) Jas 3.13 Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.

  49. I thought in the Bible it said something like ‘love thy neighbor as much as you love yourself’ or something like that.

  50. Ephesians 4, 28-32

    The one stealing, let him steal no more, but rather let him labor, working what is good with the hands, that he may have something to give to the one that has need.

    Let not any filthy word go out of your mouth, but if any is good to building up in respect to the need, that it may give grace to the ones hearing.

    And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed to the day of redemption.

    Let all bitterness, and anger, and wrath, and tumult, and evil speaking be put away from you, along with all evil things.

    And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, having forgiven one another, even as also God forgave you in Christ.

  51. wait a minute. the person who posted this just posted what he saw in his newspaper. and he said, “Is Anne Frank in Hell? I don’t know. She could be…” Saying “she could be” is basically saying that no one knows, only God knows. The truth is, there will be a lot of “good” people in Hell, and that’s real. simply being a good person doesn’t mean you’ll go to Heaven. No, God doesn’t send anyone to Hell; you decide for yourself where you will go by the way that you live your lives. i sincerely wish that anyone who wanted to argue any topics of God and Christianity would not take a viewpoint of someone who has merely heard from others, read blogs and the like, and would sit down and study the scriptures. Read Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis; he writes this in the viewpoint of being a former atheist.

  52. can you send me this whole entier passage for my report ..?????

  53. I’m christian and i highly doubt god would ever send someone who suffered so much in life to hell. I just find it so hard to believe god would do that… 😦 RIP anne, and 5 million, 900 thousand, 90 thousand, 9 thousand, and 999 others who died in the holocaust…

  54. Born Again Christians who glorify the man who slaughtered 18 year old Valentina should get their own children murdered so that they can understand what parents of murdered children go through. Born Again Christians think that murdering non Christians is a big deal and blowing out someones brains is no more evil than stealing a piece if candy. Born Again Christian Philosiphy: slaughter all the people you want and just ask jebus to forgive you and a jerk all you want cause ur already saved!

  55. It seems unconscionable that Anne Frank could suffer as she did and be herded into more suffering. I’m a Christian but I am repulsed by those fellow Christians who assume Gods role as judge. Though I have a strong belief I don’t pretend to know the will and mind of God. I CAN’T KNOW IT. My business is my own salvation not forecasting someone else’s.
    Anne’s writings reveals a person who Marvels at Gods show of beauty and strength in nature, a person acutely aware of her own flawed nature, and a person who believes in the goodness of mankind while surrounded by terrorism and evil.
    Who am I to condemn such a person? Shame on me if I do that.
    Gods judgment of Ann is His work–not mine. Remember I’m human– my perception is innately flawed.

  56. …whenever Ann Frank mentioned her disgust with Peter for “ridiculing Jesus Christ” why would a Jewess say “Christ” and not just “Jesus…?…also her daddy brought her a Bible to study (at her request ), so you numbskulls can just find it for yourself—I am Not pointing it out for idiots who don’t even read…no matter whether you’re German or not…the One Who spoke this universe unto existence decides where Ann is….not you….moreover, what Americans learn spiritually from scripture amounts to absolute gibberish campers to scholars in Europe….if Ann requested a Bible, then she’s a scholar….period.

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